week 1-principles and pratices


For my final project I’d like to make a heater that can be activated by a motion sensor, I’d call it “Campfire-in-a-box”, it’s a working title but it’s catchy at least. The heating source will be from a heating lamp, and once I’ve learned how to incorporate the motion sensor with the lamp, with just a wave of your hand, new and refreshing artificial warmth. The power source will most likely be by battery rather than looking for an outlet for power, to make the device more portable. I’m looking forward to building this and working the electronic aspect of my project, and if finished, this will help ward off the next coming winter.

week 3-press fit

On week 3 we worked on press fitting with cardboard; cutting all our material with the laser cutter. I decided to make a human press-fit or at least something the looked that would resemble a person. It took allot of thought when it came to how i would approach this project. i had to predetermine the size of each piece, considering all the measurements so that each piece would fit into each. I had a few problems with the torso when it came to figuring out how to get all these body parts to connect this piece. I ended up separating the torso into two piece so it would more manageable. Ive finished the head, upper torso, shoulders, and biceps so far.

week4-circuit board

On week 4 we got to mill a circuit board with the milling machine. We were given a design to mill out, and we're taught how to work the mill machine; the machine it's self and the software coupled with it. Not did we mill out the circuit board we also got work on the circuitry for it. We soldered together a use micro-controller. i had some trouble soldering, allot of the pieces were real eye strainers. milling and soldering a circuit board together was a fun experience and i look to designing my own at some point in the future.