Remo Moomiaie-Qajar, M.D.-Fab Academy Page
About Me
I graduated medical school in 2002 and have been working in academic research at Yale on an off for the past 8 years.  I trained at Yale Department of Surgery as a general surgeon and have spent a year as a cardiothoracic clinical/research fellow.  During my time at Yale, I have invented numerous medical devices of various levels of sophistication.  I left Yale in 2009 to pursue a private career within the medical device industry.  I am the founder of an early stage life-science accelorator.  We advance our own IP and consult on others projects.  I am interested in the Fab Academy program in order to better understand the principles of fabrication and also to meet intersting new people.
Final Project
For my final project, I would like to make a multi-component device which incorporates sensors on the ends of eye glasses that sense and give some feedback to the person waring the glasses as to the location of a door handle which has a sensor as well.  The two components communicate with each other to give the user a sense of direction in 2 dimensions  The idea is that if a blind person wore the these glasses, they could locate door handles and use the sense of hearing to compensate for the loss of site.  A language for interpretation would have to be made, for example: Key (letters of the language):
            "ticks" = feet
            "tocks" = degrees 

Example of Language:
1 "tick" in both sensors means the door handle is 10 feet straight ahead.
1 "tick"  and 1 "tock" in the right sensor means the door handle is 10 feet at 45 degrees to the right.
2 "ticks" and 1 "tock" in the right sensor means the door handle is 5 feet to the right at 45 degrees to the right.
3 "ticks" and 2 "tock" in the left sensor means the door hangle is 2 feet to the left as 90 degrees to the left.
Door handle

Computer Controlled Cutting
This week I attempted to make a funky shelving unit. I first started designing the individual pieces using inkscape and then cut the pieces using the laser cutter in cardboard. I modified my design and measurements and made a final cut using masionite.