Joshua Gigantino, Fab Academy 2011, Weekly Projects

Week 1 - Intro

Neil talked about Fab Academy, sketching assignment.

Week 2 - Project Management

Learned how to use Mercurial version control system. This simple to use package enables large teams to update, merge and otherwise control their information.

Week 3 - Computer aided Design



OpenSCAD, first model:

Week 4: Digital Cutting

Built one of three toys in prototype form on the laser cutter. The first toy is a ball and is finished as a proto. Also cut a cube but the chamfers were incorrect. Up next is finishing the cube and finalizing a pyramid.
status 3.16.11: Ball done, cube done, tetrahedron upcoming.
Very ill introduction to toys:

Week 5 - Electronics Production

This week we cut FabISP circuit boards on the Modela CNC, then populated the boards with components. FabISP is simple, open programmer for interfacing with AVR (Arduino, ATTiny, etc) based microcontrollers.
status 3.16.11: done.

Week 6 - Computer Machining

Assignment: build it big with the Shopbot. Lacking a Shopbot in studio, Providence will be cutting pieaces over the next few weeks. Going with our theme of tool building, I am working on a set of sawhorses. Two flavors are explored for now, the primary being a Japanese style uprights, the secondary being a standard a-frame. Pics when they get cut, sketches of both styles for now.
status 3.16.11: model done, waiting on Keeseh Studios cutting slot.

Week 7 - Electronics Design

Assignment: layout Hello World board in Eagle. First time doing circuit design, took longer than expected. Design done on March 9, cutting and soldering upcoming.
status 3.16.11 layout done, still need to mill and stuff.

Week 8 - Molding & Casting

Assignment: design, build mold on Modella, make object. Extra credit: other composite in pressfit mold.
status 3.16.11: models done, molds and casting upcoming

Week 9 - Programming ATTiny board

Assignment: Program the Hello World board's ATTiny chip
Still working on making the board, no coding yet.

Week 10 - 3D Printing

Assignment: print something on the Makerbot. Normal toolchain for this is through modelling to .stl, then running it through Meshlab if needed, then Skeinforge and finally to ReplicatorG. Spending a lot of time with OpenSCAD in week 8 really paid off. Due to it's Constructive Solid Geometry, the .stl files it produces import directly into Replicator G.

Week 11 - Input Devices

Week 12 Application Programming

Week 13 - Output Devices

Milled Hello RGB file, used flux for soldering with great results. We have a pile of ATTiny85s so this board uses an '85 with slightly adjusted code below. Board worked on first load. This is just a simple board with an ATTiny85 and multi-color LED for output.

Week 14 - Mechanical Design