19 - FabRC Car - Final Project

Final Project Description

For my final project I have been working on a RC Car. In its final state it should:

  • Drive forward, backward and be able to stop
  • Turn left and right (forwards and backwards).
  • The car will be linked to the controller through wireless radios that communicate with modified hello Arduio boards.
  • The modified hello Arduino boards have an extra 6-pin header in order to access the analog pins on the micorcontroller (for control buttons / pots.

Items Currently Completed

  • Arduinos and servos working together
  • Radio and battery boards designed, milled and working

Completed Radio Boards
Completed Hello Arduinos
Completed Battery Connector Boards
Completed Hello Arduino w/ Analog Pin Header
There were no analog pins pulled out to a header on the hello Arduino board - I needed some for this project - so I added a analog pin header.

Hello Arduino w/ Analog Pin Header (traces & outline)

Battery Connector PNGs (traces & outline)
Radio Board PNGs (traces & outline)

Not Completed / Not Working Yet

  • The radio communication code has not been tested yet (short on the radio boards - still troubleshooting)
  • Still working on the press-fit car design - the car axels are not ready yet.
  • The servo controls are not hooked up.

Download Design Files (Eagle)

Get PNGs For Milling

Bill Of Materials

  • Comming Soon / Export from Eagle Files

Development Plans

  • Finish building the car
  • Test the radio boards
  • Hook up controls to the servos