18 - Project Development - Working Towards RC Car

I am working towards my RC car project.

Items Completed So Far:

Radio boards have been designed

Based on the JeeLabs RFM12B Boardfabrc_board
I designed the battery connector boardsbattery_schembattery_board

Hello Arduino boards milled, stuffed and programmed with Arduino bootloaders and tested with the servos

Tasks That Still Need to Be Completed:

  • Radio boards need to be milled and assembled.
  • Battery connector boards need to be milled and assembled.
  • Radio boards need to be tested to see if they communicate with each other
  • Car controls need to be figured out
  • Code needs to be modified / written and tested to make the radios communicate with each other.
  • Code needs to be written for the car controls.
  • Car framework (wheels, axels, body) needs to be designed and assembled

Items That Still Need to Be Resolved / Not Working Yet:

  • No analog pins on the Hello Arduino? How to hook up the controls?
  • Use Fabkit instead? (burned the bootloader, but the Arduino IDE won't talk to the chip).
  • "Fingers crossed" that the radio boards will actually work.

Completion Schedule:

  • Planning on completing the project by the June 1 deadline . Otherwise, before the August 15 final completion date.