17 - Implications & Applications (Final Project Planning)

Radio Controlled Car

First I defined my all the system components, how they would interact with each other and what the logic / voltage levels needed to be throughout that system.

Logic Levels / Radio - Functional Block Diagram


What Will It Do?

  • Drive forward / stop
  • Turn left / right
  • Use radios to control the car wirelessly.

Who's Done What Beforehand?

  • David Mellis made pressfit cars - this one needs to be more of an enclosure to house the electronics
  • JeeLabs: http://jeelabs.org/ has created some code and designs that I plan to modify and use with the Hope RF radios.

What Materials and Components Will Be Required?

  • 2 servos
  • 2 radio boards (utilizing the Hope RF radios)
  • 1 or 2 Arduino boards (hello Arduino boards)
  • Masionite
  • LEDs (possible decoritive addition)
  • Acrylic (possible decoritive addition)
  • Possibly plastic to cast parts (possible decoritive addition)
  • Metal rods for axels?
  • copper-clad PCB stock
  • Various components already in the inventory

How Much Will It Cost?

  • $0 - $20 Most parts already in the inventory.
  • Need to purchase Hope RF radios - $12.00 for a pair.
  • Need to purchase a few additional non-standard, non-inventory components from Digikey ($10.00 + shipping).

What Parts and Systems Will Be Made?

  • Connect the radio boards to the Arduino
  • Figure out how to issue commands to control the car
  • Turn lights on and off

What Processes Will Be Used?

  • Laser-cut press fit for the car body (possibly being replaced by molded shell / parts)
  • Milled circuit boards.
  • Molded parts for wheels / accessories

What Tasks Need to Be Completed?

  • Need to investigate how to get the boards to talk to each other.
  • Control with computer keys at first.
  • Would like to eventually add a wireless joystitck control box.

What Is The Schedule?

  • This Week --> Design the car and investigate the how to talk to the radios
  • Next Week --> Troubleshoot the project, work on the control structure.

How Will It Be Evaluated?

  • Can the radios talk to each other?
  • Do the controls work?