04 - Press-Fit Acrylic Construction Kit


I am working through all of the Fab Academy / How to Make Almost Anything projects a second time (as a TA) with the students of the 2011 Fab Academy. My project from last year for the computer-controlled cutting unit was a tension-fit construction kit made from a deck of cards. This year I did some text cuts in masionite (hardboard) and then used some brightly colored acrylic that I found in the scrap bin at AS220 Labs. The resulting construction kit used pink, white, opaque black, translucent black, and blue acrylic. I created the following piece styles:

  • rectangular star piece (cut in black)
  • rectangular diamond piece (cut in white)
  • round piece (cut in all colors)
  • bottom connector piece (used to connect any two pieces together or to help the construction stand up)
  • standard connector piece
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Masionite Test Cuts