Output Devices

First I milled the HelloH-bridge board out. Then I realized we did not have any H-bridges at the lab. We ordered them. However the H-bridges did not arrive until April 27, 2011. Thus I could not do anything. Finally the H-bridges came in and I was able to solder the board. As I was soldering it I burned several traces off of the AtTiny44a. I am still in the process of getting all the parts on. The H-bridge did not work due to many pins burned off. I next milled an RGB LED board. After soldering most of it without trouble I failed to solder the G pin on well and it did not work. Thus I ended up with an RB LED. I have since created two H-bridge boards that work. I modified the H-bridge code so that it would be easier to determine if it was moving. The PWM was not high enough to notice if the motor was moving.