Networking and Communications

I milled out the Hello Bus and started soldering the bridge. When I finished soldering it I managed to program it without reworking it. It the first board I have gotten to work. I have not soldered the remaining parts of the network. It worked I soldered the remaining boards and programmed them. I tested using the Arduino serial monitor. All of them work except for the bridge. The bridge flashes and blinks the led but does not print Node 1. I am going to play with the timing to see if the clock is off. However while waiting for an ISP programmer I decided to edit the program. I added a part so that it will blink the value of the node idea. For example node 1 would flash 1 time while node 2 would flash 2 times. Due to the fact that the id is saved as a char not an int it actually flashed the ASCII value of the number. Each number was much higher than I expected . Eventually I did get the Node to work. I discovered the clock was off so it did not recognize the number as 1. The correct delay was 102 instead of 100 for this particular chip. Using this code of how to use a wired network I am developing my final project code.