Molding, Casting, and Composites

For this week I decided to make a smiley coin. One side would have a smiley face and the other side would have a frowny face. To do this I used Inkscape and drew the image. Then I filled it remembering that black is the bottom and white is the top. However I did not do it correctly. I was using the transparency to adjust the grayscale. So I had to completely redo the document and finally I got it to look correct.
This is what the design looked like.
Now I have made the mould. The wax mould came out deeper than I wanted. This means that the coin will not really be a coin. However I still continued and made the flexible mold. From this I have currently set the hydrostone mould. The mould came out slightly crumbled because I did not mix the hydrostone properly. The mould did stay in one piece. However the frowny side was deformed.