Computer Controlled Machining

My original idea for this week was a maze. However after a small scale test I decided that it would not be the as good of an idea as I originally thought. My new idea was something I call miniminigolf. Basically it is a small version of minigolf in which you use these small paddles in order to hit a disc representing the ball into a hole. This will have walls and uneven surfaces. Due to the fact that we do not have a shopbot at our lab we are going to be making our projects over the course of several weeks. One person's project at a time.

miniminigolf arena.
The miniminigolf arena.

I have created a small scale model and had to move the position of one of the walls in order to make it possible. I also had to resize the walls because they had scaled improperly. I hope to make a full size model soon but will have to wait until we can get to a place with the right equipment.

Due to not checking my files before it was time to send them to Keeseh I had to create a new simpler file. This file was designed to fit on a 2x4 piece of 1/2 inch plywood. It was 12 circles and a smiley face.
the file
Since both of our files were small, Mari and I had both of our files cut on the same 4 x8 board.
The machine cutting the circles
This is the machine while it was cutting the file.
Us cutting out the parts.
Since tabs were used to hold the parts in place we had to cut the parts out after they were cut by the machine. If tabs were not used then we would have had to screw down each part in order to prevent it from shifting position and being cut incorrectly.
me sanding a circle down
After cutting the parts we sanded them down to give them a nice finish.
The only problem with my file was that I have no concept of inches and so what I thought would be about the size of an apple ended up being 20 times bigger or so. Next