3D Scanning and Printing

For 3D printing I decided to create a six sided die. First I designed it in Sketchup. Next I found an STL exporter plugin and used that to export an STL. Then using Meshlab I checked if there was any errors. Since this was for FabLab I expected at least one. However the STL was fine. When I was setting it up in replicatorg Shawn thought that I should make it bigger because it was not very large. I did this but then when I went to print it estimated 1 hour 36 minutes. I had to leave in 30 minutes so I could not print it. Next Monday I resized it back to the original size and tried to print. For the next few hours it seemed like I had every error that it could have possibly had. One time it started out by actually working. I thought I could let it print while I ate lunch. Sadly it was controlled by the computer and my computer went to sleep. The printer kept printing but was not moving. I had to restart again because of this. Finally it worked. However the top several layers did not come out right.