Noise Headphones!

About a year ago I started taking classes through as220's youth program. I've mainly done traditional black and white photography but I've also taken classes in print making, 2D design, and electronics. From the classes I took at our Fab Lab came an interest to learn more about what could be done here at the lab and the tools that are used (laser cutter, milling machine, ect) to make things happen. And so here I am participating in Fab Academy.

I'm currently in the process of applying to a bunch of colleges after going to a community collge for about a year. And at this point i'm pretty sure I want to study/ learn more about photography, audio engineering stuff, or electronic engineering stuff. But mostly, all three. Who knows in what order.

Anywho,for my final project I want to create a pair of headphones that allows me (or the user?!) to hear noises that are picked up from electronics, radio signals, ect. I also want to be able to somehow record these noises as they come through and it would be really awesome if these headphones were able to connect to your ipod and just play regular music too.


1.Antenna of some sort picks up awesome groovy noises

2.Groovy noises are played through headphones

3.Groovy noises are recorded

4.Noise Band is started(!?)