Fab Academy 2012Class of 2013 at Pratt & Whittney: (from left to right): Lorenzo Negri, Ted McAuliffe (TA), Diane Walsh, Dana Greenlaw, Sahil Gupta, and Anna Kaziunas France (Instructor). Not pictured: Kate Balug, Kaimen Bloomgren, Tom Kowalcryk, Anna Niespielak, Mathew Ownn, Michael Raposa, Alaena Vandermost and Joshua Holt (TA).

Fab Academy 2012Class of 2012: Seated (from left to right): Scott Rocca, Joshua Holt, Romain di Vozzo, Boris Kogan. Standing (from left to right): Ian Henderson, Mari Robles, James Rutter, Ted McAuliffe, Molly Booker, Michelle Stephen, John O'Keefe and Anna Kaziunas France (Instructor)

Fab Academy 2011Class of 2011: From left to right: Patrick Murphy, Josh Gigantino, James Rutter, Mari Robles and Anna Kaziunas France (Technical Assistant). Shawn Wallace (Instructor) is not pictured.

Fab Academy 2011Class of 2010: From left to right: Shawn Wallace (Instructor), Elliot Clapp, Anna Kaziunas France, Makeda Stephenson, Jenine Bressner and Noah Bedford.