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Photo of Grop in Workshop at AS220 Labs

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The AS220 Industries is a community Maker Space that offers affordable, project-based, experiential learning in digital fabrication, printmaking and media arts. By providing access to studio space, tools of the trade, and varied training opportunities, the AS220 Industries fosters a diverse and dynamic environment for learning and making. With our democratic and hands-on approach, students are encouraged to engage in peer-to-peer learning and teaching as they explore, create and innovate.

The AS220 Labs is a community engineering and fabrication studio, part of an international network of  Fab(rication) Labs. AS220 Labs is a growing community of technology literate artists and makers of all ages, participants in a growing movement to provide democratic access to the tools of technology, through open hardware and software. The Labs offers access to computer-controlled machinery and other resources, affordable hands-on electronics and fabrication instruction, a vibrant learning community, and a certification program in digital fabrication, the Fab Academy, directed by Neil Gershenfeld of MIT’s Center For Bits and Atoms (CBA).

The Labs also serves as an essential resource for the  young artists engaged with The Fabratory, a core program of AS220 Youth.

AS220 Labs promotes a DIY ethic through the use of open source technology, publicly accessible digital design and fabrication resources, and  affordable technical education.

We welcome new collaborators of any age or experience level. 

At AS220 Labs, we build things, we break things, we create things, and, most importantly, we help people learn how to make things themselves. In our Labs, you can learn how to make machines from scratch, you can learn how to build computers and robots and play with lasers, or, you can drop by and hack away on your own projects in the company of other like-minded mad scientists.

The Fab Academy at AS220

Fab Academy was created by Center For Bits and Atoms Director Neil Gershenfeld to fill the need for advanced instruction in the Fab Labs beyond what was locally available. The  intensive six-month certification program in digital fabrication, links groups of students and instructors through online video collaboration and lectures by a global faculty. At the Fab Academy, you learn how to envision, rapid prototype, and document your ideas through hours of hands-on experience with digital fabrication tools. You can learn more about and apply to the program here:


We are located in downtown Providence, on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Mercantile Block, 131 Washington St. To access our entrance at the rear of the Mercantile, take Lucie Way, the pedestrian walkway abutting the AS220 Project Space gallery at 93 Mathewson St. You will pass rear entrances for our tenants: The Stable, and Viva Mexico!, as well as a general building entrance for residents. If coming from the opposite direction our entrance is the set of doors just beyond the AS220 Printshop.  We share an entrance with AS220 Media Arts Lab.

Lucie Way features a bike rack (a custom AS220 bike rack no less) for your convenience. For detailed directions to the Mercantile Block and/or information on parking in downtown Providence, please visit the Contact, Hours & Directions page

Handicap Access at AS220 Labs The Mercantile Block is equipped with elevator access via the building’s front entrance. One of the Shop’s Monitors, Staff Members, or our Keymembers can buzz you into the building. Please contact us with any specific concerns regarding accessibility.

Office Hours*

Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm
*Office hours are open to Members and by appointment

Open Shop Hours

Tuesday -Saturday, 10am – 10pm*
*Reservations are offered in 3 hr blocks.
The Labs Manager, a Monitor, or a Keymember is available during these times to let members in, restock supplies, help with safety procedures, and offer help or advice where they are able.

Our Staff

Shawn Wallace, Labs Manager
Phone: 401.831.9327 x.203 /// Email: shawn.wallace(at)

Beth Brandon, AS220 Industries Coordinator
Phone: 401.831.9327 x.201 /// Email: beth(at)