Is This Jazz?

February 7, 2014 @ 8:30 pm – February 8, 2014 @ 1:00 am
115 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02903
$10 general admission / $5 to jam


Yes, this little experiment has survived for almost two whole years and has been successful at bringing good jazz to good jazz audiences. However, we can’t just celebrate with any old show, we have to make this one special. To bring in our second year we will be hosting an all ages, all abilities, all originals jazz jam at our home stage, AS220.

Our house band features members from The Wayout, a band who has graced and blown away our stage on several occasions, and playing with them will be: you. Bring your horn, bring your voice, even bring a chart, and we will play it with you. This night will be fueled by The RI Book, a collection of tunes written by Rhode Island’s jazz musicians that we’ve been slowly amassing to have an archive for all to see the level of creativity that our home offers. If you don’t play, please come by to listen and support this effort because your attendance makes all the difference in the world and is what has kept this thing alive for two years.

Music kicks off at 9pm, but come early to submit your tune (please bring concert, Bb, and Eb charts) and sign up for a spot on stage; first come first serve.

General admission for listeners is $10, but musicians get a special discount to only $5.


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