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w/ Betsy Miller $13 Drop In/ $10 Class Package
Eclectic contemporary release technique with a solid base in ballet. Structured improvisations and set exercises explore dynamics, weight shifts, momentum, floorwork, footwork, and flow to develop a quick mind and a listening body. For those with some modern dance experience.


YOBALATES 6-7PM (5:45-6:45pm starting May 1)
w/ Kristen Minsky $13 Drop In/ $10 Class Package
This one-hour conditioning class is perfect for anyone who is looking to stretch, strengthen, and tone their body. It is a wonderful compliment to other dance and fitness routines, but is also fantastic on its own if pursued regularly. YoBalAtes combines elements of ballet and Pilates into a yoga-based series that is a full-body workout, with special attention to the core, legs, and derriere.  Open to all levels. Your first class is FREE.

w/ Kristen Minsky $13 Drop In/ $10 Class Card
Beginner to intermediate dance class for the entertainer in us all.  Enjoy a toning warm-up incorporating ballet, yoga, isolations, etc. before diving into a weekly combination reflective of anything from early Broadway performance and movie musicals to Motown and ladies of the 80s. Whether you perform for an audience or your mirror, this will be an energizing way to spend your Tuesday evening in motion.


w/ Julie Shore $5 Drop In
A one-hour beginner Vinyasa yoga that focuses on the foundations of classical Vinyasa flow, emphasizing movement and breath as synchronized experience. Attention to fundamental asana (postures) will prepare students for their flow sequence and is designed to help beginners develop their own practice

w/ Stephanie Turner $13 Drop In/ $10 Class Package
Class begins with a warm-up that incorporates yoga and breathwork with gentle movements of the spine. A series of short phrases will then be explored; students are encouraged to play and experiment with how their  individual bodies prefer to move through the demonstrated movements. The phrases include directional changes, movement through space, spirals, rotation, lines, momentum, energy and floorwork. Each phrase that is developed will lead to a rich and colorful dance toward the end of class.


VIRA YOGA 6-7:15PM (6:45-8:00pm starting May 1)
w/ Joel Pelkey-Blum $13 to Drop In/ $10 Class Package
When used as an adjective the Sanskrit word Vira translates as brave. This class bravely & boldly aims towards wholeness & balance, through a flowing series of yoga postures (Vinyasa), and a variety of breathing & meditation techniques. It will emphasize the strengthening of your will and body as equally as promoting your flexibility & learning when to let go and relax.


SWITCH SERIES every 2nd & 4th Saturday 10-11:45AM 
$15 Drop In/ $10 Class Package

April 12: Modern Dance w/ Betsy Miller
April 26: Modern Dance w/ Ali Kenner Brodsky
May 10: Modern Dance w/ Rachel Boggia
May 24: Modern Dance w/ Kristen Bell
June 14: TBA
June 28: TBA

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w/ Daniel Shea $5 Drop In
A gentle workout that uses floor barre, dance and training techniques to improve core strength, balance and flexibility. Bring a hand towel; dance shoes or bare feet. Open to everyone.

BEGINNER BALLET 10:30-11:30AM (no class 4/20)
w/ Stephanie Lyon-Albanese $13 Drop In/ $10 Class Package
If you’ve always wanted to try ballet, this class is for you. In this fundamentals-based class, students develop basic ballet vocabulary, strength and coordination. Stephanie’s deep knowledge of her craft combines with a warm, good-humored manner to create a comfortable yet challenging learning environment. This is the perfect class for people who have little or no ballet experience.

INTERMEDIATE BALLET 12-1:30PM (no class 4/20)
w/ Stephanie Lyon-Albanese $13 Drop In/ $10 Class Package
This ballet class makes classical dance a joy! The class focuses on fundamentals, beginning with a thorough warm up at the barre and progressing to the center for choreographed combinations.  Students build muscle as they refine body alignment and learn weight placement to develop coordination. For people who have some prior ballet experience.

   Class Packages: $60 for 6 classes. Check or cash accepted, or buy online


Betsy Miller, 95 Empire Dance Studio Coordinator:

Teacher Bios

Stephanie Albanese is a graduate of The School of American Ballet where she studied with teachers Alexandra Danilova, Helen Dudin, Suki Shorer and Stanley Williams. She danced in a repertory company created by former New York City Ballet member Wilhelmina Frankurt. Stephanie has also danced with choreographers Matthew Brokoff, Marcus Galante, Mary Miller and Felice Lesser and also worked in Cabaret, performing at The Lido in Paris and Jubliee in Las Vegas.

Betsy Miller is a dance artist and educator based in Providence. She is a freelance choreographer and co-founder of Propel-her Dance Collective, and is a Special Lecturer in Dance at Providence College and Dance Coordinator of AS220. She currently performs with national touring company Lostwax MultiMedia Dance. She has performed with Fusionworks Dance Company and shove gently dance, and has recently danced in works by Kathleen Hermesdorf, Heidi Henderson, Terry Creach, Pascal Rioult, Stephanie Turner, Deb Meunier, Doug Varone, Michael Kelly Bruce, Ming Shen Ku, Kristin O’Neal, and Marden Ramos, and in collaborations with Matthew Cumbie, Maggie Bennett and Erik Abbott-Main. Her choreography has been presented in various venues in New York City, Ohio, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Texas. She holds an MFA in Dance from The Ohio State University and a BA in Dance from Connecticut College.

Kristen Minsky has been a student of dance (ballet, jazz, tap, modern, West African) as well as a performer for the majority of her life and has enjoyed a steady yoga practice for the past ten years. She is the director of the traveling club/production company Chifferobe, and as an extension, she directs Providence’s only vintage dance company, The TropiGals. Also a member of The TropiGals, she performs regionally with this group of ladies as well as nationally as a soloist and with her NY-based tap act, The Minsky Sisters. With so many projects and performance pursuits, YoBalAtes has become a great foundation and conditioning workout to to stay healthy, and keep muscles and joints primed.

Joel Pelkey-Blum: In 1993, Joel was re-introduced to the life force flowing in his body when he enrolled in an amazing hybrid class, Tai Chi / Art. This class ignited his curiosity, and he embarked on a practice and exploration that led to many formal studies and teacher certifications. To name a few, Kripalu Yoga, Kripalu Dance-Kinetics, Qi Qong, and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Fascinated by physics, rhythm, and the magic of the moment, Joel, lives to remind and excite people of their own creative and transformational powers.

Daniel Shea is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a dance and fitness instructor. Since training and fitness are his business ( he is passionate about form & discipline…but it has to be enjoyable and fun. Daniel has been dancing and teaching for over 30 years. He has studied dance at the – Joy of Movement Center (Boston), Pacific Ballet (San Francisco), Joe Tremaine Dance Center (Los Angeles), Stanley Holden School of Ballet (Los Angeles), Debbie Reynolds Studios (Los Angeles), MJDC Dance Studio (Rhode Island).

Julie Shore is an experienced and dedicated yoga practitioner with a passion for teaching. A California native, she has called Providence home since 2009, moving here after completing her BA at Bard College. She received her training from Eyes of the World Yoga Center and continues to deepen her studies as she builds her teaching practice. Yoga has continued to be a source of strength and insight in Julie’s life. Her classes translate a technical knowledge of vinyasa asana, with underpinnings of yogic philosophy which point to developing mindfulness and compassionate awareness.

Stephanie Turner is a choreographer, teacher and performer based in Providence, RI.  She earned a BFA in Dance Performance at Rhode Island College in 2010. Stephanie has performed for several independent choreographers including Olase Freeman, Katie McNamara, Melody Ruffin Ward and Betsy Miller. She is the co- founder of The Movement Exchange in Pawtucket, RI.  Stephanie has been teaching at AS220 since 2012 and has taught workshops at several universities and schools around New England.